December 9, 2015

3 Books for Data Scientist Interviews

Recently I made an infograph to show my classmates' current companies. I graduated with a M.S. in Business Analytics in 2014. A lot of my classmates pursued their careers in Data Science. 5 years ago, business analytics or data science were not considered as a major at college. It's a emerging subject that calls programming and statistics together to find the story of big data. 

(To see the high resolution of the graph or know more about the story, please click here.) 

1. Data Science Interview Exposed
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     Authors: Jane You, Iris Wang, Yanping Huang, Ian Gao, Feng Gao
     1) The book includes a lot of sample question with a variety topics covered as well as ANSWERS, no matter case study of data modeling, coding with Python, probability of fair coins, machine learning, and etc. 
     2) The book compares similar roles of Data Engineer, BI Engineer, Data Scientist, and related positions. If you are fresh out of college and wonder what's the job duties among all these seemly similar positions, this book is a good place to go. 

2. Case in Point
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   Authors: Marc P Cosentino
   1) If you are looking for brain teaser questions and sample answers, this book gave you a very comprehensive understandings of brain teaser question like 'How many smartphone sold every year in U.S.?"
   2) If you are looking for a guidebook in consulting company and wonder how to make a great impression during the interview, this book helps you with a very good mind set.

3. Statistical Methods
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    Author: George W. Snedecor, William G. Cochran(Author)
    This book was used for the statistics class of graduate students level. This book is used for looking for accurate reference of a lot of probability and statistics concept. At the same time, the example in the book is very typical. You can use this book to build your solid skills in probability and statistics.

What's more?

Data Scientist became so popular in the past 5 years in the tech industry. Besides a solid knowledge in statistics and probability, how to build your programming skills in Python is the next question.