December 23, 2014

A Small Gift for New Graduates: 4 Suggestions for Job Hunting

It’s almost Christmas. We just graduated from school in December and now cheer with our family in a cozy house this week of Christmas, but at the same time, we feel so nervous and anxious about the new year of job hunting.

I am not a recruiter, or a manager with many years of experience. I am one of the thousands of new graduate students with zero years of full time working experience.
After three months of job hunting after my graduation from the University of Cincinnati, I landed my job at as a BI Engineer at the beginning of November. I would like to share my story of job hunting here with you.

Two main misleading features of Google Maps on iPhone

For years I have been a big fan of Google and fascinated about the awesome features of Google Maps. The most recent version of Google Map on iOS looks very similar with the new Google Map on Lollipop, but not entirely. At the same time, I am confused about direction by two new features on the map.