February 19, 2015

Instagram – The Best Real Time Weather App in National Parks

Big Four Ice Cave is a beautiful hiking place of Mountain Baker northeast to Seattle. Despite the avalanche of the Big Four Snow Mountain on Dec 31st, 2014, the parking lot of the ice cave trail was full packed on at 3pm on Jan 1st, 2015. I never considered Instagram as the best real time weather until the New Year’s Day 2015.
The location of Big Four Ice Cave was marked on Instagram map in a place more than 50 miles away from the real location, but as long as I tapped the location feature on Instagram, all the images shot in Big Four Ice Cave was organized at the bottom of the map. When I tapped the image, Instagram told me that how many hours or days ago the user posted on Instagram.

WeChat Lucky Money Game in Chinese Lunar New Year: An Aggressive Way to Get Investment

Responding to the huge success of Wechat Lucky Money in 2014, the e-commerce giant in China, Alibaba also launched the Lucky Money Giveaway on their official website, delivering 1 billion Yuan (equal to about 1.6 billion USD) to all Alipay users. You don’t have to participate in any silly 10-minutes survey or fill out any application forms to participate on Alibaba website.