December 23, 2014

Two main misleading features of Google Maps on iPhone

For years I have been a big fan of Google and fascinated about the awesome features of Google Maps. The most recent version of Google Map on iOS looks very similar with the new Google Map on Lollipop, but not entirely. At the same time, I am confused about direction by two new features on the map. 

1. Is your destination on your left or on your right?

As I am driving, I cannot focus on the details on the map as much as I was sitting at the passenger seat. So I first spotted the small icon on the top left: as the arrow locates on the left of the icon with labeled “300 ft” underneath, I assumed that the destination was on my left. But nope, the destination was on my right… 

2. Should I take a U-turn?

As you saw on the map above, the arrow kept coming closed to the bottom of the phone when I was driving. For the first glance, I assumed that I drove to the opposite direction on the route and got further away from the destination. As I gave the second glance on the map and noticed that I actually got closer to the destinations, I understood that the arrow kept going down because I was driving to the south.

If you noticed the Google Map on Lollipop or other Android phones, the arrow always points to the top of the screen when you are driving.

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