September 28, 2014

Why did I create

Inspired by a lot of excellent professionals in the data visualization field, I created the site to document the my path of exploring the data viz world. My old site was At first, the old site was created only for presenting my projects in class. After I attended the Tableau Annual Conference 2014, I had a lot of inspiration and determination in creating my new site. I felt very lucky to get the domain name same as my name. I tried very hard to figure out the name of my new site. 

The named of the site is "Explore Viz Achieve". Did you notice that the initials of these three words are "E.V.A.", which is my name Eva? The name of the size is a snapshot of what I wanted to do in my career: 
Explore: Life is a journey. I would like to explore the stories behind the data and earn more data analysis skills. I want to explore the advanced programming tools and data visualization softwares to create awesome projects. I want to tell you the interesting stories I discovered in my projects. 
Viz: In the data analysis industry, there are so many branches of subjects, like data mining, statistical computing, data engineering, statistical programming, risk management and etc.. Among all these branches, nothing other than data visualization caught my constant attention. The practice of data visualization is a combination of my artistic side and scientific side. It created a balance for any professionals who are creative but also logical. It made the world of data more beautiful. 
Achieve: The last stage is to achieve our goals. The goal of each project is very unique. I hope my skills can help my future company to achieve their goal and mission. I hope my stories can inspire you to continue pursuing the data visualization. 
Thanks to my professor Jeffrey Shaffer. He taught Data Visualization class at the University of Cincinnati. His inspiring lecture encouraged a lot of students to start their career in data visualization and to invest their time in learning Tableau Software. I would like to invite you to visit his site at He provided a lot of Tableau tutorials on his site. 

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  1. Hi Eva,
    I want to navigate from summary dashboard to detailed dashboard. where summary dashboard have category wise companies so if i click on any company then it should navigate to summary dashboard by showing complete details of a particular company. Please help me out how to solve this problem.